I have been in the Program, and sober, for 3 yrs 8months. I am a work in progress, and my recovery from the disease of alcoholism is also a work in progress. Every time I hear someone speak, I learn. Every time I hit a snag in my recovery, I look for the lesson to be learned. Every time I think I know something, someone else comes along with more knowledge than I ever thought of having. My eyes are continuing to be opened in some new way; via a new solution to an old problem, someone shares how they stay sober and it fits my situation to a tee. I hope I continue to learn from others, both those new and old to the Program, as I learn from each and every one of you. And then there is God – He is everywhere, knows everything, and continues to direct my life, to help me stay the path that He has for me.

My job is only to remain open and willing. I believe that I will continue to find what I search for. That I will know Gods love for me through the events in my life, the changes in me since I began recovery, and those very precious moments when I feel His presence within me. God continues to do for me all that I could not do for myself. He has a big job, mine is very small in comparison, but none-the-less important. For faith requires an acceptance of not only my Higher Power, but also an acceptance of myself as a person in recovery. I am a child of God, a believer in the power of faith, and I work towards acceptance of all that the Teacher graces me with, for the lessons never end!