Gentle Surprises

AA has dragged me out of the predicting business. I used to spend endless hours analyzing all the facts to determine the likely outcome of every dilemma in my own life and in the lives of those around me. Despite my large rate of error, I was convinced of my ability to divine and prophesy the future. Especially when it came to my fears and worries, I always concluded that the worst case scenario was a credible threat. By working the Program, I have witnessed many developments that I never would have expected. I thought that sobriety would involve a constant state of craving, lessening over time, but ever present and permanent. In reality, my obsession with alcohol and drugs went away after a few short months, never to return in any significant form. I thought that meetings would be a burden, but they became my sanctuary, someplace I eagerly went. I thought that humility would make me boring and ineffective, but it did not. I thought I would be embarrassed being a member of AA, but in fact I was very proud of my affiliation. I thought that working with others would take up too much precious time. It turned out that working with others gave me so much benefit that it multiplied my ability to use my time effectively. Today I know that a heavy darkened sky is a temporary state. I know that the sun still shines overhead, and if I closely observe and stop trying to postulate, its rays may come bursting through at any moment.

Photo courtesy of Maggs!
Photo courtesy of Maggs!

6 thoughts on “Gentle Surprises

  1. I heard on the radio yesterday that according to a study at the University of Wisconsin on worry:
    40% of our worries never happen,
    30% are in the past and cannot be changed,
    22% are insignificantly petty, leaving
    8% that are legitimate concerns.
    It makes me wonder ” How important is it, really?”

    • 8% seems high for me. Of those legitimate worries, I have found that evenwith them here is little I can control and my worst fears seldom happen

  2. Lovely reflection for sure.
    The more I ” do the next right thing” the less I have to worry about.
    The more I still my heart, pray for guidance, discuss with another and proceed from a place of gratitude the better things sort themselves out.
    The more I think of ” thee” instead of ” me” the clearer the way forward becomes.
    Only thing different with this new way of life is everything.
    Grateful for the gift.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Our minds and bodies are amazing creations of God. Who we are and what we achievw are directly proportianal by how and what we think?!?!
    The easy path is to let the One who created us – guide us.
    A price has to be paid, and that is the destruciton of self-centeredness…
    Its a good day to have a good day.

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