Humility is absolutely needed for me to be able to “work” the Steps. In Step Seven we are urged to “Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.” The very first stumbling block I ran into on this Step was acknowledging that I have “shortcomings.” I called my sponsor and after she got done laughing, she said I should read my Fourth Step again, and search out my character defects, along with the opposite good traits, such as dishonesty/honesty. And I’ll be darned if I didn’t find a whole list of shortcomings and character defects, along with a list of my attributes. So it was a place to start, a place where I could begin to see my part in my life – I was not just a victim, I was also a participant in my life.

Another list that came from my Fourth Step was a list of persons I had harmed, in whatever way – and from there to becoming willing to make amends to them all. . . another vital Step on the road to recovery. But I digress, the subject is humility. To me humility meant coming to know that I am not the “master” of my life, that I have a Higher Power, one that has been trying diligently to direct me to the right path, for all of my life. The object in working Step Seven is to eliminate the negative behaviors, and to become aware of the positive traits I am now learning to embrace. I am blessed to have such guidance, along with the blessings of the A.A. Program.