I grew up thinking I was seriously flawed in some way. When I came through the doors to A.A. I firmly believed that I would not be welcomed – that others would find me not only unlovable but unlikable as well. The women around the tables were not only a mystery to me, they were the “enemy” in many ways, and I avoided them, initially. Today that has changed tremendously, to a point where the majority of my friends are women. It’s not that I dislike men, I just find more comfort and ease in my friendships with women. I have learned to stop beating myself up for who and what I am – I have come to a place of acceptance of me, of life and of a God. If God can love me, then I should be able to love myself – and others. I no longer believe that I am unlovable, and I no longer have to back others into corners because they said they love me. I accept that I am lovable. I accept that I can love others. And I accept that my past does not define my future – they are two separate things.