Good Morning Family!
Quote is from “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much” July 15th: “Creativity – Step Eleven”
I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation.
-Madame Benoit
It sounds so simple for creativity to find its way. We need quiet – the word sounds familiar. We can dimly remember times of quiet. Or was it when we were sleeping? And we need time – just for ourselves with no agenda, no deadlines, no need of others impinging upon us. We long for quiet and time for our themes to emerge. Recovery is not possible without both. Contact with our Higher Power is not possible without both. No one else will arrange any quiet time for me. I have to see to it myself.
End of quote.
My thoughts/comments: I need quiet time – each and every day. When my schedule does not support that I try to close my eyes, take some deep breaths and pray . . .that becomes my quiet time, even if it is only briefly. Like waiting for the traffic light to change, or standing in line at the grocery store. There are times during the day when I choose to turn off my cell phone, and there are times when I choose to answer calls later. My life is in my control – to some degree always. I have commitments and obligations, just like every one else. I have found that for me, quiet time is needed – and hopefully that happens on a regular basis. I am blessed in that I take time at the end of the day to spend in solitude at the computer…(which for ME…is solitude,lol)in meditation and in gratitude for the day, and for the blessings in my life! Taking just a moment…it talks about it in the Big Book-The Doctor’s Opinion, p.xxxii…Into Action, p.76…Bill’s Story, p.13. Try it!!