Beneath The Surface

(In the coming days, I will be asking all you prayer WARRIORS to send out healing next week. If you might think good thoughts for God’s will in all things-both for me, and another, that would be AMAZING!!!)

Working the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and hearing the experience of other alcoholics have taught me to see things in a deeper way than ever before. So many things I did in the drinking days were done quickly and with little pause or internal debate. I prided myself on being swift and decisive. Pondering was for the weak and waffling. In reality, I was constantly making snap decisions based on insufficient evidence. I judged every situation by my initial reaction to it, and I rarely questioned that first impression. I did not ever stop and say “I wonder what’s really going on here.” If someone acted badly, he was a jerk – it was as simple as that. Having taken the Steps of AA as recommended, I have learned that people can be like onions, with many layers to peel and understand. Lashing out is often a symptom of fear rather than aggression. Apathy can mask sorrow and so many other emotions present themselves in disguise. Today I am still prone to jumping to conclusions, and sometimes I have little patience for pondering and thoughtful examination. Such measured responses to life are not second nature to me. But their rewards have manifested so many times that I cannot deny the benefit of working toward them. AA has given me new pair of glasses, but also a microscope. I no longer just glance. I have learned to look closely and to really see.

Photo courtesy of AinV
Photo courtesy of AinV

4 thoughts on “Beneath The Surface

  1. Heard at a meeting: “Lots of times I am bored by what I hear it meetings. Lots of you bore me”.
    Perhaps it would be wise to pray for a microscope as well as A new pair of glasses.
    A wise old-timer once told me that you may not need to hear it but they need to say it.
    I like to think that even when I don’t know it, God is working on me. 🙂
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. Top of the morning family,
    Our new order for life was explained to me as follows: meetings are spiritual breathing, listening is spiritual inhaling, speaking is spiritual exhaling. A simple nugget that makes sense to me; because, I can and will complicate the simple.
    When I apply the spiritual principles to all my daily situations, my trust in my Creator grows. My faith is and will be strengthened through adversity. I begin to see through His eyes the unseen through my glasses.
    My crusty platoon sergeant would always tell us: tough times don’t last, tough people do.
    Its a good day to have prayers go out.

  3. Thinking of others and their reality before we think of ours…what a novel concept.
    Absolutely foreign to my way of thinking before I came amongst you.
    Listening to you, after a while I could begin to identify, for we share a common ailment.
    Then I could begin to sympathise a bit. Eventually the sympathy grew into empathy and it was suggested, as I completed the steps, that I was to carry the message to the still suffering.
    Amazing thing.
    As I tried to help others I got better!
    Grateful for the Gift.

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