(Let us PLEASE remember a prayer for Healing for one of our This24 family on Monday through the 22nd. Thank you)

I grew up with mixed emotions when it came to being loved – I don’t believe I even heard the words until my adult years, or if I did, they were not matched in behavior. I’m not sure that I felt loved, I just felt like a failure in life, from my very early years. I did not do the “right” things, I was always getting into trouble for one thing or another. My family was not an affectionate family – which seems odd to me now, as I love affection, both to give and receive it. At home regardless of me being there all day because of the issues at work, I don’t feel guilty for not providing enough. I used to think by making money, that meant love. Today, I feel loved – a lot. To get love I need to give love – and that means acceptance of others. In the program I am taught unconditional love, and that is my goal when it comes to all those I love, just as I receive unconditional love – I work to give the same love to others.