I’d like to thank Maggie for stepping up and taking the Monday Reflections. It is actually kind of refreshing to have a breather, although I do reflect on HER writing, which is simply amazing!! Also, I’d like to thank you all for keeping a dear friend of This24 in your thoughts and prayers this morning as he under goes a surgery today. I have complete faith that he will be with us again soon!! As I wait for a life decision to be made, I have nothing to fear….I will simply let it be. Whatever “it” is – I will know what I need to know at the time I need to know it. I do not have to control it, define it, or even understand it – I just need to accept whatever I am going through. More will be revealed to me – when it is time for me to have that information. There is no point in struggling to try and define “it.” Lessons, events, or life happens at it’s own pace. There is no need to waste my time trying to second guess the outcome. It is more productive to busy myself with doing “the next right thing.” The real truth is that I am not in charge of my life. My job is to simply follow the path that is laid down in front of me. If I am on the right path, I will know it – I will feel it. If I have made a wrong turn or veered off the right path, my discomfort level increases and I will “feel” off. (as my partner in life says…you can ALWAYS make a U Turn!! LOL) I have learned to trust my feelings – they are given to me for a reason. Now that the booze and drugs are not in my system, I have a much clearer “vision” of those feelings.

I gain clarity of thought after taking whatever action I deem appropriate – sometimes, I discover that my reasoning prior to the action was flawed. It’s an educational process of learning, experiencing, and believing. “It” makes sense later, but may not at the time it is occurring. Sometimes I simply go forward in faith, knowing that God is there, trying to show me “the way.” There have been times in my life…like right now(as we go into the deposition/mediation phase of my case with the Railroad) when waiting was the best course of action. I don’t have to know everything right now, I don’t have to expect changes to occur at a moment’s notice, and I don’t have to know the “answer” in order to gain understanding. I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing whatever is in front of me to do – that’s my part of this “equation.” God will take care of the rest – on that I can trust and believe in.