I need serenity in my life. Before recovery my life was defined by chaos and confusion. Most of my actions were based in some form of negativity – peace and calmness were not in my life. I just know that I never thought of myself as “normal” but it was something I was constantly trying to achieve.

Coming to an understanding of what it means to have a Higher Power in my life meant the beginning of experiencing moments of calmness and peace in my life. There was a steadiness and a real sense of “sameness” that caused in me feelings of hope that change was possible, that my life did not have to continue on the same downward path that it had been on for as long as I could remember. I got into some acceptance and found all the love and support I needed at that time, in the people around the tables, and in my Higher Power. I found that I could actually sit still, that I did not have to run off somewhere, nor did I have to find another someone to fill the void in my life. I could use the Program, I could use the blessings of my Higher Power, and I could use the members – all those who were living the Program, a day at a time. The opposite of peace and calmness is fear and chaos – I much prefer the former, rather than the latter!!
Steps 1-3: Give Up
Steps 4 & 5: Own Up
Steps 6-9: Clean Up
Steps 10-12: Grow Up