I love “Bill’s Story” it has in it all the twelve Steps of A.A., which begins on page 12. But to fully understand how Bill arrived at what later became the Steps, I need to read the full chapter, from page 1 to page 16, for it was his own experiences that he wrote from, and in his story is the story of A.A. It talks of his “incomprehensible demoralization” and his journey to recovery, which began later, with a simple conversation; a language of the heart, between himself and another man, our co-founder Dr. Bob. The simplicity of such a beginning to what A.A. is today is truly a spiritual excursion.

My disease was not something that I could fathom. I only had to open my eyes and my heart. All the love and joy I had searched for was right there. I opened the Big Book, and it opened a world for me and has brought me the happiness I never believed I deserved. That brought me to a place where I could love others – without reservation or question. I know today that I love A.A., I love my family and friends, and now, I can finally say I love me. I am grateful to Bill W. and to Dr. Bob for their giving hearts, their work on the Program of A.A., and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Note: I encourage each and everyone of you to read “Bill’s Story” in the Big Book, it will revive your recovery and remind us all of how truly blessed we are.
SPECIAL WELCOME BACK to Tom S. And ALBERT…you are missed!!!