I am capable of loving others today, and I am also capable of loving myself. I have learned to express my love for others through service work. I am grateful to have the role of sponsor to others, as they teach me much. I am grateful that I am beginning to be of service in my community, as a means of giving back. There are many avenues for service, and it only takes time and a willing heart. There is much on my gratitude list as I have been blessed by sobriety, recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Through service work, which I learned about in the Program, my life has been blessed with many gifts. The gift of sponsorship is one that serves me well. It enables me to stay connected to A.A., and to continue to “work” the Program. I have a sponsor who teaches me much through her example; about love, service, dedication, and determination. My sponsees expect me to “walk my talk” and I am obligated to do so. Therefore I continue to read the Big Book, I continue to work the Steps, and I continue to learn about the spiritual principles. They, in turn, afford me the understanding of replacing negative behaviors with positive behaviors. I love my Higher Power, and through His love I have learned to love all others. I continue to learn how to participate in my own life, I am no longer a victim . . .along with God’s grace, I am the master of my life.