Change is not one of my favorite topics. mainly because I don’t like change occurring in my life – which is laughable, since the Program is all about change. For the newcomer, there is always the comment about change that goes thusly: There’s two things alcoholics don’t like – change and the way things are. Working the Program of recovery tells me that change happens – it is the goal of the Program that we experience change in our lives. Somewhere in the literature it is written that there is only one thing we need to change, in order to claim recovery – and that one thing is . . . everything. I needed to change my habits, I needed to change my view of life, I needed to change my behavior, and I needed to change my perspective about alcohol and other substances that I had been using. Change is quite often associated with “growth,” and growth is assumed when change has taken place.

“When nothing changes, nothing changes.” If I don’t change my behavior, my life will remain the same, sorry mess it was before recovery. I have to change in order for change to occur. Am I being redundant? Change is like that – it takes the same effort time and again – for change to finally become comfortable, and an intrinsic part of me. Becoming familiar with change takes time, and a willingness unlike anything I ever experienced before recovery. Sometimes, I just have to keep stepping, working the Program, day in and day out – and then one morning I awaken and realize that change has happened right before my eyes.♥♥♥