Hello Folks….it’s been brought to my attention that there are ads appearing on the blog page, which is consistent to the free wordpress.com plan. Our friend Harry(Doc)sent an email and gave me permission to share. “I notice we are getting ads which I don’t think have any place at an AA meeting. I find that we can subscribe for a yearly fee of $99 and exclude any ads plus get some other benefits and I am willing to donate to support this. I am willing to do my part. This is a valuable site for me and has been for several years.”

I’d like to put it out there as I don’t see those ads since I’m using the wordpress dashboard, and neither should those who use smartphones, or rather my partner does not see the ads on her iphone. If we can get some input on what we all would like to do please? Here is the link that explains the ads :


And as food for thought:nothing changes if nothing changes!!