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There are so many different ways of learning about the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and how we each learn from the lessons that others have learned. That’s what meetings are all about. We teach others by example, by relating our experience, strength, and hope. There is no perfect way of working the Program, we each do it differently, and at our own pace. For me, and I believe for others – as well, there are a few basics that I try for: I attend meetings, I have a sponsor, I have worked the Steps (and are still constantly working them), and I work the Program, to the best of my ability. I listen to others, and I work towards being open-minded and willing to change, to grow, and to become as the God of my understanding would have me. I accept and believe that I will never reach a point where I will claim that I am “well.” Alcoholics don’t get “well” but we sure do get better, if we work the Program, and have faith in a Higher Power.