I used to dwell in the land of “Why, why, why?!!” Why couldn’t I drink like other people? Why couldn’t I stop drinking after having a “few?” Why did I continue to drink, when the results were so disastrous? I got stuck on the “why” of my disease way before I ever got to the “how” of it. My biggest question was “Why me?” The acronym HOW…. Honesty, Open Mindedness, and Willingness, spell out the solution for me and countless others. Early in my recovery I was told not to worry so much about the “why” of alcoholism, and to concentrate on the “how,” instead. I thought that if I could figure out the “why” I would then know the solution, but it did not turn out that way, at all. It was not as important to find out the “why” as it was to find out the “how.” When I was new to the rooms of A.A. I was desperate to learn whatever I could about the disease of alcoholism, a disease that had tormented me for most of my life. I was encouraged to return to the rooms often, that it would take time to begin to comprehend the Program. At first, it was very confusing but the “feeling” was good, I just knew that I had finally found the right path to recovery.