My sobriety did not come free of charge – I had to work at it, and now I work at giving back to others, what has been given so freely to me. Life takes time, effort, and perseverance – every day, every moment. We seem to be a society who loves slogans, short-cuts, and ways and means of remembering the many methods and solutions available to us in recovery. I believe in using any and everything available that promotes my sobriety and recovery from the disease we call alcoholism. Being of service to others and to the Fellowship gives me feelings of being useful. I have a purpose in my life. When I walked through the doors of A.A., it was an act of “giving up,” I recognized that I did not have to do this all by myself – there were others who were willing to help, I came to know that I was no longer alone. I found my Higher Power, and God has been in charge since that time. I am no longer the “victim” – today I am an activist in my own recovery. Each and every day brings me blessings, and improved understanding of life and my role in it.