Normal Drinker?

I don’t drink like other people do, never have – never will. The first time I drank, I got drunk – and it has remained that way for the whole of my life. When I take a drink it sets loose an overwhelming need to drink as much as I can, as fast as I can. This is not normal drinking. It took me some time to come to the understanding that I do not drink like “normal” people. The drinking was bad enough to live with, but there was also the negative behaviors that accompanied my drinking. The complete demoralization of my spirit, the incomprehensible slide into the darker sides of life – these all accompanied my drinking.

I believe I live a good life today. Having a Higher Power gives me the strength to search for a life blessed with spiritual understanding, and knowledge of what it means to walk a “higher path.” Changing my behavior, learning to live without alcohol, these are all things that bring me to a belief in an “abundant life.” The life I live today is so very different from the life I used to live – it is absurd to compare the two. Today, I am happy, content, able to give freely to others, able to “work” the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and I am no longer lost in the battle of the bottle. I am eternally grateful for the Program, I am humbled before my Higher Power!


6 thoughts on “Normal Drinker?

  1. I didnt drink like normal people either. I could go for long periods of time without a drink so I did not think of myself as alcoholic but when I started I could only stop with great difficulty. I gulped rather than sipped. If I was with a group bar hopping, I had to finish the drink instead of leaving a half full glass. At the end people thought I did not drink much because I drank before and after a party but not during. I couldn’t trust myself.
    In my experience, people in AA had different drinking patterns but we all shared that at certain times we had no defense against the first drink.
    I needed step 2 and the hope that I could be restored to sanity.

  2. We live in nonstop noise; instant and accessible communication bombards us with new information and novel ideas and sensationalism. Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.

    But a life of deep and abiding faith is slow going and slow growing. I look back on my personal growth and I stop and ponder all the differences and similarities I’ve carried and buried. In some ways, I am so different from who I was fifteen, ten, even five years ago; in other ways I’m solidly the same. Growing in love is an infinite journey.

    Our spiritual journey is fundamentally about loving God and our neighbor. No new information, novel idea, or sensational finding will take us farther or deeper than the journey of love.

    i’m Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  3. The quiet, long thoughts come to replace the frenetic need to react to ego originated demands for instant gratification.
    The long cycle of earth rhythms replacing the spikes of impulse and resultant carnage.
    Seeking to be shown the way of service, rather than gratification.
    Gonna be a heckuva ride but don’t think I’m driving the bus any longer….

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Once the booze tap was opened, I couldn’t / wouldn’t shut it off. Bill_M, the similarities are amazing. While on deployments in the Army, I didn’t drink. I didn’t have a problem. My mind had a date to drink; after the deployments. I didn’t drink at shin-digs, parties, and/or hootenannies. I projected the appearance of super hero in training. I would always leave early, and commence catch up drinking. I lived a good enough / settled for life.I needed hope: the gift of optimism. Divine Mercy does for me what I can’t do for myself. Today, I focus not on circumstances, but the Person who lives right behind my belly button.
    Its a good day to have a good day.

  5. The complete demoralization of my spirit, the incomprehensible slide into the darker sides of life – these all accompanied my drinking

    when i read this part of your share SMB I so related to it. That part of my past was so very dark on all accounts. So glad I can wake each morning sober from the dark side, I lived in.
    Thank you all for your shares, very good for me this am. Grateful to this site. Kt

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