Learning to love myself, and being proud of who that is, is something I continue to learn in recovery. Before then I used my feelings of inadequacy as an excuse to drink. Today I feel more “normal” whatever that means to me. I’m not the “abnormal” person I have always thought about. There are actually some who aspire to be like me in many ways, imagine that! I have given up my feelings of shame and regret. I feel good about being in recovery, I feel good about living a life based on spiritual principles, and I feel good about choosing to honor the God of my understanding. I am no longer that dark, brooding, angry woman of days gone by. Today, if you knock on my door, I will probably answer with a big smile and a warm hug. I have opened the blinds on my windows, I have opened my doors wide, I no longer live in shame and darkness. I welcome others into my home, into my life and into my chosen program of recovery and sobriety.