I am responsible for me. I am responsible for my commitments, my obligations and my “duties” as they are defined by me. If I step up to fill a service commitment, I am responsible for completing that obligation. If I cannot make a meeting in support of that obligation, I need to ensure that others are notified of my absence. If I cannot fulfill the duties required of me in any given situation, it is up to me to follow through with letting others know this. Before recovery I was very good at starting things – but my capacity for completing things was very limited. I would sign up for classes at the local junior college, but would soon drop out – drinking takes it’s toll, and my responsibility for such things was limited by my disease. I came to the tables a victim of life – poor me. When I stopped being a victim and became responsible for myself – that was the beginning of recovery, for me. WHAT was YOUR beginning(I’m stealing Maggie’s Question premise!! LOVE IT)