Bondage – I can see now how I was bonded to the disease of alcoholism, it became my driving force, my master, and my abuser. Being in bondage is different than bonding with others. One is being under the power or authority of another power, influence or force – that’s bondage. Slavery is bondage, just as I was bound to alcohol. I was a slave to my disease. Bonding with others – on the other hand – means that we share mutual thoughts, feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes. I have found myself bonding with others because of the similarities we share as alcoholics. We understand each other, we “know” what it means to be an alcoholic. We share our Program of recovery, and we find both serenity and sobriety together, with each other. I have found “kindred souls” in the Program, we speak the same “language.” We feel the same feelings, we know what it means to hurt and, more importantly, how to rid ourselves of the hurt. Bonding with others takes time, and effort – but is always well worth the effort. I have been truly blessed with my friends of today.