To “want what we have” is more than wanting clean clothes and the ability to walk in a straight line. If the alcoholic wants what we have, it means to want the whole picture – not just the fruits of sobriety, but the necessity of a fellowship, a dedication to service, a commitment to practicing the AA principles in every aspect of our lives. If my lifestyle is attractive, so must be my toting the Big Book to meetings with a sponsor or sponsee each week. And going to any lengths means a lot more than drinking ginger ale at parties. Are we willing to give up our old friends,  in some rare cases our families? Can we face potential incarceration when it comes time to make amends? Are we willing to endure our own raw feelings of irritation, aggravation and heartache until we learn how to quell them through the teachings of the Program? The engine may be ready to rumble, but is the trailer prepared to haul a heavy load up the mountainside with no summit in sight? I have had many well-meaning friends ask me to work with suspected alcoholics to see if they can turn the corner. I sometimes send these “prospects” home pretty quickly. They may be shocked when I tell them they don’t want it badly enough. But there are others waiting who are ready, who are in it for the big haul. With them I will walk through the Steps, as long and far as it takes.