(Reflection and photo courtesy of Maggs!!)
What hat shall I wear today? For most of the day, I’ve got Dr. Appt. so I’ll have my patient chapeau on. I hate it when I have to hear something, maybe bad, definitely unknown but hopefully handle-able. I mean, I’ve quit drinking booze, eat really healthy and stopped smoking! My only vice left is ice cream, sometimes bingey but for the most part okay. More than likely they’ll request some tests, I will ask God for the strength to handle whatever comes my way, and I will make sure to look people straight in the eye when talking to them and I will find something to laugh about! Have a fantastic Monday !!
I am now, just right now, the new owner of a summer house on the coast of Massachusetts and nothing will defeat me today!  Don’t drink, go to a meeting, read this24, and have ice cream!!!
Love you all!!!


10 thoughts on “HATS

  1. Nice catching up this morning. They’re some days it’s all i can do to stay connected to another alcoholic and what i mean by that is, I know that after a certain amount of time I get a lil sordid and have to make a phone call or get to a meeting or I begin to feel disconnected and apart from rather than a part of. Praying I learn to continue to be a part of this and many other aspects of the program.

  2. Going to tests for health issues…is going to tests for health issues.
    Whether I deny them, repress them or acknowledge them, fear and dread and my other emotions are all gonna get tangled up in a big old wad.
    For me, time to get into gratitude and prayer mode- not so much for any specific outcome but to ask to be given what I need to handle such situations.
    I found it is, in fact, a program built for rough going- it’s there for me when I need it most.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Top of the morning family,
    As a competitive mountain bike racer, I’ve found there is a unique relationship between my health and the ability to reach my training and racing goals. My design for living guides my life to a clean heart, clear mind, and a balanced life. Without a healthy body, I simply can’t do my best. Today I can ask myself, am I going to care of my body, mind, and soul or will I ignore/abuse it. When I do as I see fit, as I please, I always pay the price for my poor decision making.
    – I can only imagine the sunrises you’ll be experiencing: and with a bowl of ice cream?. Good for you Maggie!
    Today is a good day to have a good day.

  4. Hi this 24 family, so glad to hear about your home in Mass. Maggie. I can visualize the sunlight of the spirit surrounding you. Grateful for your lead about acceptance and mindfulness. I have some Dr
    Appts this week, so I will keep those suggestions near me and my sponsor ‘s favorite suggestion, love tolerance and patience. Kt

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