Abundant living is what is available to us all when we “give” of ourselves to others. Carrying the message requires extensive work, and it is done in a multitude of ways. When I relate my “story” about my path to the rooms of A.A., that is a form of giving to others. When I meet with a sponsee and we talk – that is a form of giving to others. When I make coffee, Chair a meeting, or serve as the Secretary – this is also a form of giving. There are many ways of giving to others – and today I work to give of myself wherever and whenever I am called to do so. I do not give because I expect to be patted on the back or otherwise esteemed for my actions. My motive for giving is simple and direct – I give because I can, I give because it is needed, and I give because it is the right thing to do. A. A. has taught me how to give of myself; my time, my money, and my experience, strength and hope. I am blessed beyond measure, and now it is my turn to pass my blessings on to others – that, to me is truly abundant living.