The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of diverse people. While we all share a similar problem, we also share a similar solution, and that is what connects us and makes it work. Before recovery I spent many days lambasting those around me, as doing that seemed to bolster my own sagging ego. Feeling good about me was always at the expense of someone else. “Live and Let Live” tells me that we each have the right to live as we choose without judgment. It does not matter what we wear, it does not matter where we live, it does not matter who we choose to live with, it does not matter who we love – what does matter is that we become willing to open our minds to new ways of thinking, new ways of living, and new ways of being. My business ends at the end of my nose – other people’s business is not my business. Focusing on my sobriety affords me many new avenues to living a better life, one that includes a tolerance for allowing others to live as they choose. I love the diversity of A.A. While I have been to many, many meetings, I can safely say that no two were exactly the same. Each and every meeting is “different” in some way. I believe that fact has enabled me to continue to attend meetings, albeit to the consternation of the “normie,” who asks of us “Do you still have to go to those meetings?” And my reply is “No, I don’t have to go, I want to go.” I love sitting in a roomful of sober alcoholics, I am truly BLESSED!!