There is no doubt in my mind as to where I would be, had it not been for the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. If I would have survived, I would be deeply attached to both my chair and my television. I would not be living in the “real” world. I would not be venturing forth, but would rely on others to bring me what I need, as I would probably not have the capacity to drive any more. I would not be participating in the lives of my daughter or grand daughter, and would probably discourage them from coming to see me – out of sense of shame. I would have stopped caring for others. I would not have friends so much as I would have people around me, people that were also trapped. But there would be some “friends,”around me, as long as I did not run out of money. Speaking of money I would probably be late paying my rent and other bills. My home would not be clean, or neat. . . just as I would not be taking showers on a regular basis. Boy what a sad look into a future of returning to the bottle. I thank God, and I mean that in every way possible, for my sobriety and for the Program of recovery that I live today. What a bleak and miserable existence life would be without A.A. For everything negative I wrote above, turn that around to a positive – as that is what my life is today. I wake up feeling good, spiritually and mentally, as I work the Program and get connected to my Higher Power. I spend my days trying to be of service wherever I can, and look forward to seeing friends who sincerely care about me, and allow me to share their lives with them. I am blessed beyond measure because I was guided to the rooms of A.A., and that is where I find my “manna,” my spiritual sustenance. I am twice blessed as I endeavor to help others, I am given the opportunity for growth through sharing my experience, strength and hope. I am grateful for “His protection” for without it, my life would be a sad state of affairs, of that I am absolutely certain.