Today, I can forgive others their hurtful ways, I can work to inspire others with hope, and I can find the patience to listen to the problems of others – without interjecting my own woes. By the Grace of my Higher Power I can stand up for what I believe in, I can pray a prayer of gratitude. I trust in my Higher Power to lead me to a place of love, forgiveness, grace, and generosity. When I look at my past I know that I am here for a reason, for left to my own devices I would probably not be alive today. It is my turn to pass it on by making myself available to others. Those of us who struggle to find sobriety are at that place because we need to be, otherwise we would not be in the rooms of A.A. All that is required of any of us is the “desire to stop drinking.” What I wanted from A.A., compared to what I received is totally immeasurable. But when I combine both the Program and my Higher Power, I know that I have been given the “keys” to peace and serenity.