THANK YOU ALL for your comments from yesterday! Harry, Please share as you will…I was only trying to uphold the whatever we call them on this blog-in a meeting, it is the traditions…but CLEARLY…YOU BRING VALUE!! Love YOU!
Peace of mind – is something I dearly wanted when I was new to recovery. I have heard enumerable times about the peace of mind that is experienced by members who are practicing the 9th Step. It’s a great relief to “come clean” about my part is whatever behavior has been expressed in my disease. It is said that we are only as sick as our secrets – and I believe that to be true, at least that has been my experience. Avoiding people I wronged has been my way of making my amends, that is until I started working the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have had some good experiences making amends – but there has also been some amends that were very challenging. Some were well received while other amends were not accepted in the manner hoped. But the idea behind the amends in working on my behavior, not the behavior of others. Remembering that, has helped me to get to the other side of any anger I may be faced with when making amends. I am no longer alone in my misery, today I am surrounded by sober, happy people who know the value of amends, and the value of the solid friendships, which are available to all in the rooms of recovery and sobriety, as well as on THIS24! I learned today of the passing of my God Mother, my Auntie…so prayers for me-will be welcomed as THIS is a DIFFICULT DEATH to process. She was one of us. And my mentor!! ♥♥♥