The role of being a woman has changed over time, and I am happy to see it. Today I am Bonnie first – a woman in recovery, a friend to others, a mother to my daughter, and a grandmother to my granddaughter. I work to keep my life simple. I work at being a sponsor and mentor to other women – which is gratifying to say the least. I continue to learn new ways of living and new ways of dealing with life’s challenges. I am capable of asking for help today, and no longer feel like I have to do it all. It is an ongoing process, and one that challenges me on occasion. I can and do express myself emotionally, and have learned to be as forthright as is possible. I love my sponsees, each and every one, and never – not for one minute – believe that I am teaching them – it is just the opposite, as they continually teach me many things about being a woman in recovery. I have changed over the years, that’s to be expected. Doing it all – I still work to do it all – but today it’s at my pace, in my time, at my leisure – and that works for me.