(Thank you ZUZU for this Reflection)
I know one thing that has limits, my patience. I have to be “on guard” for those strong feelings when I am getting near “the end of my rope.” But, as with most things in my life I have trouble defining what “limits” means to me in the real world. I used to say that two drinks was my limit, now I know that was a fallacy. Now I know that one sip is going to far, I do not have a “limit” when it comes to drinking – because one will lead to many. Abstinence is my only saving grace when it comes to King Alcohol. I have a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to drinking. For me, an alcoholic, to drink is to die.

Whatever the circumstances are, my recovery has to come first. For without recovery I will not have anything or anyone to concern myself with. Setting limits was new for me, and it took a while for me to understand this, and to learn through the process we call recovery, that my needs are just as important as the needs of others. My limits need to be voiced by me, and respected by others. I am a human being – a complex animal with all sorts of needs, and one who is capable of great feats, such as sobriety. But it takes “WE,” it is not something I can do alone, just as the sign says in my Fellowship hall: “I can’t, but WE can.“