Keeping it simple is always a good idea for me. I can and do complicate just about everything, sometimes to the point of frustration or confusion. I know that this idea of living simply, as suggested in the Program, is a means of eliminating the chaos and confusion in my life, which I experienced while drinking. Getting back to the basics of recovery is always a good idea. Just opening the Big Book and reading it is definitely a step in that direction. Going to a meeting and just listening, for a change, is another good idea, once in a while. Letting my sponsees direct the flow of their own recovery is yet another way of simplifying my life and my program of recovery. Praying to my Higher Power, God requires little time – but the effort to do so is always a gift to God. Speaking of getting back to basics, for me, that means A-accepting, B-believing, and C-changing. Many revelations have occurred there, and that’s where they will stay, as I value the confidential nature of sponsorship. There is a slogan, one that most of us are familiar with, and that is K-keep I-it S-simple S-stupid – while I don’t agree with the last “S” I do agree with the other three letters “KIS.” I usually change it to Keep It Simple Sweetheart. At any rate, you get the idea. That serves as a great reminder to us all.