Thank you for all the messages friends! You all have helped me stay sober,,,,one more day!!
Patience with recovery, patience with life and patience with my Higher Power, can be trying for me, and I would imagine for others, as well. I consider myself to be a typical alcoholic in recovery, and I still have a penchant for wanting whatever I want – right now. It is a behavior that was very prevalent before recovery, and now it seems to follow me into recovery. The difference today is that I know I can just feel that feeling, without the need to act on it. I can wait, I can sit still, and I can accept delays and those “temporary setbacks.” I am on the right path, and my life today is in God’s hands, which means that events will unfold exactly on God’s time, not my time. Looking at the “larger picture” is one way I find my patience in life. Overall my life is so much better for having made the decision to get and stay sober. There continues to be challenges and setbacks in my life – no one said it would be perfect, but I’m here to tell you that the life I have in recovery is so much better than the life I ever had before – and for that I can and do practice patience with myself, with life, and with my recovery! AGAIN…thank you ALL…for your prayers during this time of sorrow!!