The Pace Of Life

Thank you for all the messages friends! You all have helped me stay sober,,,,one more day!!
Patience with recovery, patience with life and patience with my Higher Power, can be trying for me, and I would imagine for others, as well. I consider myself to be a typical alcoholic in recovery, and I still have a penchant for wanting whatever I want – right now. It is a behavior that was very prevalent before recovery, and now it seems to follow me into recovery. The difference today is that I know I can just feel that feeling, without the need to act on it. I can wait, I can sit still, and I can accept delays and those “temporary setbacks.” I am on the right path, and my life today is in God’s hands, which means that events will unfold exactly on God’s time, not my time. Looking at the “larger picture” is one way I find my patience in life. Overall my life is so much better for having made the decision to get and stay sober. There continues to be challenges and setbacks in my life – no one said it would be perfect, but I’m here to tell you that the life I have in recovery is so much better than the life I ever had before – and for that I can and do practice patience with myself, with life, and with my recovery! AGAIN…thank you ALL…for your prayers during this time of sorrow!!


8 thoughts on “The Pace Of Life

  1. Impatience mixed with a little anger just doesn’t feel very good to me.
    For instance, last night an enrollment problem in Medicare coverage still lingered and somehow this alcoholic brain of mine surmised that it was okay to continue working on it when I should’ve been sleeping. So I woke with the conundrum going in circular motions and realizing that this just wouldn’t do I said my time proven prayer for such occurrences, “Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy”.
    I woke up an hour or so later after a little more refreshing sleep.
    Doesn’t it say, “We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves”?
    Am I impressed by God?
    For this one time agnostic, He is so real!

  2. From time to time my routine gets interrupted and I miss my regular meetings. In spite of all the things I know to do, I still get pretty squirrelly pretty quickly. Usually this shows up in self centredness and a need for instant gratification.
    Fortunately my wife points out the issue and I can usually stuff it until I get back into the groove.
    The daily practice of our spiritual principles becomes the important touchstone for me. When I do the work I get the results and I come to rely upon it. I actually acquire a faith in something greater and more powerful than myself. Apparently, according to Appendix II of the BB, I am not the only one.
    I am glad that ours is a roomy tent, that our only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Seen a lot of different cats say they believe in a lot of different things and, at least for today, they’re still sober.
    We do have a common solution.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Yesterday after work I got caught in a bad rainstorm that got me soaked just running to my car. I did not want to go to my meeting but knew that I must. When I got to the meeting I was wet, cold and miserable. Because the topic of the meeting is how to get out of a bad state of mind. I thought to myself how self centered am I. So what I was a wet and cold. I started listening to what others were saying and soon I forgot about myself. Instant gratification is another big problem with me. Must practice patience patience patience. Thanks all and thanks Bonnie for your commitment to this website even though you are in pain. Namaste, Tree

  4. Top of the morning family,
    My pace of life always digs of holes of disappointments and pathways to destruction. Every time this occurs, my spiritual battle rhythm has swung either right or left. It’s not Divine Mercy centered. I know this today, because I recognize that self-knot in my belly. Today, I’m learning to wait in the between time for my question and answer. Today I’m learning to endure these intervals when I believe He’s not listening. For me, the larger picture is that He is with me every step and every step between.
    Know God Get the Gold, Get the Gold No GoD.

  5. Patience for me has always been difficult to practice. Combined with anger and selfishness, I could not stay sober. God gave me the opportunity to learn patience the hard way. For a DUI, I was sentenced to serve 36 days in jail. The conditions at this jail are one of the worst in the US. Every day was a challenge and I had to practice patience with other inmates, living conditions, food and the duty officers. Having found serenity, I found “God’s Will and Word”. I read the BB and Bible over and over, prayed to God often, and attended many Christian Services and one AA meeting every week. Today, I am still practicing patience in my life. I am very thankful that I turned to improving my life instead of being miserable, in pain and having a daily pity-party. “God’s Will not Mine!”.

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