Alcoholics Anonymous is changing in many ways because of the changes in the communication arena. We can reach a so much bigger audience today than we could in days gone by. But the basic premise of one alcoholic helping another is still a valid point of the Program. Today there are more avenues to communication with others, than there were in the past. I think it’s great to have the means to “talk” with others, any time, any where. But while it is another means of “sharing” it does not replace the meetings, and the one on one, face to face, time with another alcoholic. It is a different time now, and our means of communicating with each other has changed drastically in the past few years. It’s like letter writing, who does that anymore? I remember when we used to write letters, and mail them, and wait for weeks to get a response. Now we have the Internet. We all have our cell phones, which provide us with message service, voice mail, and phone calls – not to mention Email, which is yet another means of communicating. Most homes now have a computer, which offers even more ways of “talking” with others – so our lack of means is not the problem when it comes to discussions, sharing, or carrying the message of A.A. The world is changing, and has been changing since it’s inception – and that is also true of me, I am changing and have been changing since my feet crossed the threshold of the A.A. Fellowship door. It’s a dynamic world we live in – exciting, changing, challenging, and always full of possibilities!!

Photo and Reflection courtesy of Maggs!!
Photo and Reflection courtesy of Maggs!!


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  1. For the past couple of months, I’ve been “attending” online meetings which are helpful. I have a few years of sobriety and have worked the steps. I also have a sponsor and talk to him a few times a month. I hear a lot of good things in the online meetings and just easier to do during the day because evenings are somewhat hectic. But I do feel better going to f2f meetings. Just have to make that a priority again. If you have trouble getting out of the house due to (for example) a disability, I’d recommend online meetings. It still read my four Daily Meditations each morning and set aside time for prayer/meditation as well. I think about Step One every day.

  2. Yes the times are changing and the damnable ubiquitous cell phone and it’s perverted discourteous use may be the bane of mankind.
    The hard rock principles embodied and embedded in our 12 step process have weathered lots of storms.
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  3. Just my opinion, but the journey is the journey.
    The disease is from time immemorial, the remedy is as well.
    Yet each of us, individually, must abandon an old way of life which will kill us, to find a new one which redeems us.
    The technology we use is a feature of the trip, neither good nor bad of itself- just reality revealing itself once again.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. The willingness to admit when the fault is mine facilitates the progression of my growth and helps me to become more understanding and helpful to others .

    This is out of Hazelton 24 hrs .

    I agree w others, technology changes, but our principles are steady, honesty, openess, willingness. For me make sure I go to mtgs, check in w sponsor, sometimes through email or text, talk and meet w sponsees, some of them like text, so they can arrange mtg around their work schedule. For me I like face to face
    meetings, but if I have on line resources, that adds to my recovery resources. Being a good addictive alcoholic, I will take it all. Lol,
    thanks again for your shares. Kt

  5. I use texts to stay connected. I view this and other online communications as supplements. The cell phone and phone list has allowed me to be the hand of AA when a fellow member needs help. I took a call from someone when I was traveling on a job. I did not recognize him. I believe he thought I was another .Bill in the program but I was still able to help him. I have taken calls from desperate people while in an airport. Still nothing beats a F2F meeting. one on one work is the most rewarding. Our principles and basic text have not changed and that is a good thing. Old timers complaining about change hasn’t changed and that is a good thing too.

  6. For many years I did not want to change my principles, ego, and behavior. Accepting and practicing the principles of the 12 steps and God in my life has been successful. The new technology has made change easier in my recovery. I believe that God never allows something to be removed from me without restoration in a new way.

  7. Top of the afternoon family,
    The advent of cell phone technology brings a windfall of neat advancements. I can download speakers, spiritual sermons, journal, and seek/share other information that my heart seeks. I particular find this wonderful when I’m mountain biking for hours on end. It works for me. Gone are the days of brick and mortar for information. In my case of early sobriety, it was suggested 90 in 90. Due to long travel distance, I found this24. It works for me. As with chocolate, I can abuse any substance. I have a fondness for actual comm’s, (face to face, its real). As I humbly informed a new sponsee, I don’t do text sponsorship. It doesn’t work for me.
    it’s a good day to have a good day.

    I live in a crazy time.
    Anne Frank

  8. I have an app that I can download AA speakers from AA conferences.
    I listen on long trips. Just like being there, almost.

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