Today’s thought from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

It’s okay to have fun.

Although we’re working hard on recovering, we can also have fun. In fact, we can have much more fun now than we did before we found the program. With the awakening of our spiritual self, life takes on new zest. We smile more and frown less.

We can give ourselves permission to enjoy whatever comes our way, as long as it does not threaten abstinence or serenity. Friends, food, the multitude of activities, experiences, and sensations that life presents to us each day; all these are to be enjoyed.

Now that we have the tools for recovery, we can expect more fun. Using the inventory and amends Steps, we can clear away any emotional debris from the past that may be hampering our enjoyment of the present. As we take ourselves less seriously, our sense of humor blossoms. Laughter delights and heals us.

I will let myself enjoy life and have some fun. (I’m trying to just live right now, and I know it will be FUN again someday-SMB)