I am always amazed and delighted when we get together, as a group, to see the similarities we share. I have walked into a room full of sober alcoholics and experienced a true sense of familiarity that I have never experienced before with others. We just “know” each other. I like going to a conferences for that very reason. I know that whatever I am experiencing, others are too. We are connected at more than an emotional level, we are connected spiritually. For me, this is what makes the Program so unique. Continuing to take the “daily inventory” suggested by the Program, allows me the courage to venture ahead. I feel at ease walking up to a person I do not know, sticking out my hand, and saying “Hi, my name’s Bonnie, what’s yours?” The 10th Promise begins with “Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.” Working Step Ten leads directly to the 10th Promise. Funny how that works out . .
(Thank you Doc and everyone that commented on last nights post)