Yesterday’s Baggage

Quote is from “Daily Reflections” October 5th:  “Yesterday’s Baggage”
For the wise have always known that no one can make much of their lives until self-searching becomes a regular habit, until they are able to admit and accept what they find, and until they patiently and persistently try to correct what is wrong. (edited for gender)
-Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 88
I have more than enough to handle today, without dragging along yesterday’s baggage too.  I must balance today’s books, if I am to have a chance tomorrow.  So I ask myself if I have erred and how I can avoid repeating that particular behavior.  Did I hurt anyone, did I help anyone, and why?  Some of today is bound to spill over into tomorrow, but most of it need not if I make an honest daily inventory.

6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Baggage

  1. I had a good night’s sleep last night and when I woke up I had a very mild sense of apprehension and doubt that I would find anything worth a flip to reflect on and pass on this morning. However my usual routine of visiting several favorite websites and existing in the prospect that I might receive something personal from at least one of my dear friends (you) this morning via the World Wide Web but the certainty that I will have meaningful experiences throughout the day with people who I come into contact with has certainly done something quite special.

    They say that AA stands for attitude adjustment.

    In my case it is phenomenal!

    Do you, do I want to enjoy a share in the ultimate power position?

    What is it?

    Is it personal responsibility?

    Our 12 step program emphasizes God’s help in obtaining personal responsibility.

    It always tickles me to death to discover that the principles of our program are being practiced out in our various communities and this reflection illustrates this. It sounds suspiciously like steps 8, 9 and 10 and also very much like an AA meeting.
    I love the suggestion that personal responsibility represents the ULTIMATE POWER POSITION.

    • ……………………………We had to quit the crazy contest for personal prestige and big bank balances. We had to take personal responsibility for our sorry state and quit blaming others for it.”
      AA Co-Founder, Bill W., January 1955
      “Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is Anonymous”
      The Language of the Heart

  2. The daily inventory…which of course means each day I am pretty sure…so when I resist doing this, as I frequently do ( not the theory but the actual practice ) it’s time to loop back to Six and Seven and look for what’s lurking in the weeds…usually fear and sloth are around somewhere…
    Grateful for the gift

  3. Top of the morning family,
    What’s weighing me down today, my baggage of exaggerated anxiety!? Self wants to think no one cares. I am of no value, to turn around, to give up, its time to get what is owed to me. Through grace and the program of attitude, ”spiritual” adjustments, I have been given another chance in life. Anxiety is another flavor/color of fear. I’m not walking in the sunlight of Mercy. I’m not living in the presence of now. Now is when change occurs, now is when anything can occur. Living in yesterday brings shame and guilt. Living in myself of future wreckage is anxiety. When I live in the now, kept myself and my sidewalk clean, life falls into place. Today, I can travel light.
    Tomorrow is anxious for itself…
    As in the commercial, whats in your wallet/baggage?!?!

  4. Today, my recovery program is focused on Quality instead of Quantity. Quality with God, the Steps, and time with the AA fellowship. In the past, I believed the more I did the better my life would be. Just what I did when I was a raging alcoholic. I thought that the more I drank, the better my life would be without reality, problems, depression, resentments and my favorite Anger. I had to change and I practice change every day. My change is focused on God”s will not mine, sobriety, spirituality, and helping others.

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