There are many shortcuts used in the Program, and I, for one, believe that we should use whatever works for us. The first three Steps are a vital part of recovery, and I agree: Step One – Powerlessness, Step Two – Surrender, and Step Three – Letting Go. Very appropriate – powerlessness tells me that I am not in charge, God is. Surrender tells me to turn my life and my will over to the care of my Higher Power. And then “Letting Go” means I allow God to remain “in charge.” This works for me, it parallels the Serenity Prayer of Acceptance, Courage and Wisdom. I Accept that I am powerless over alcohol, I pray for the Courage to surrender to the God of my understanding, and the Wisdom to leave my life in the hands of my Creator. These are the basics of recovery, they are my ABC’s. Recovery is a complex and dynamic process, which can be defined in many ways. Using “shortcuts” is a method that works for many of us in recovery. And if it works, I say use it, we need all the help we can get in this struggle to overcome our addiction to alcohol. Once we receive the blessing of recovery, our next step is to pass it on to others – in this way the Program continues to bless us all.♥