Attraction Not Promotion

This principle makes perfect sense to me. There is no effort accomplished by proselytizing (a big word for ‘sales pitch’). I cannot “sell” A.A., I can only give it away, and I do that by sharing my experience, strength and hope. I serve as an example of what the Program can do for me, as an alcoholic. If the principle of promotion is used when I am talking to a newcomer, arguments and a differing of opinions can occur. The very best I can do is relate what my experience has been in the Program, that is inarguable. Trying to debate the pros and cons of sobriety can become contentious, and really serves no purpose when considering recovery from alcoholism.

But through the Program, I can now lift my head, look others in the eye, know that I am doing the very best I can for right here, right now. When I see a newcomer, it serves as a reminder of the spiritual principle of attraction, not promotion. It’s not about me, it’s about the Program. I represent A.A. wherever I go, be it to a local meeting, or a conference in another state. I know today that my behavior in public also represents the Program. I proudly say, “My name’s Bonnie, and I’m an alcoholic.” Attraction is about being what I have always wanted my behavior to look like. I get that through the Program, and, for me, that was what attracted me to A.A. in the first place. There was a “promise” of becoming so much more than I ever thought possible, and the good news is that the positive behavior I was seeking is now becoming a reality for me. Thanks to ALL of you here at This24, for participating in my daily recovery!!


When Life Was Simpler (Reflection and Photo Courtesy of Maggs)

This was our first house as a married couple. A vegetable garden, heat by wood stove, AC by opening the windows and fans ,no cell phones, very simple and peaceful, but definitely a computer and ATARI games.

I compromised all my computer info this weekend and have already begun to rectify the mess I put myself in. But, you know what? I know what to do and although it’ll be a fair amount of work to fix it, I can do it! And not drink over it! I can also go through this with a good deal of emotional sobriety as well. Use the tools, trudgers, use the tools!!

I thank my higher power that it wasn’t worse! With my HP by my side, I can do anything, except take a drink of alcohol!! And, I’m still not smoking!! Nov. 1st!!

Use the tools!
Litten Rod Stuga

Progress Not Perfection

I am truly amazed at what can come out of my mouth at times. I can be critical of others, I can be negative about what I view as errors in the lives of others. Who am I to judge, anyway? It is not my place to do so, no one has assigned me the role of critic. It’s not up to me to judge whether others are “working” their Program, or not. Its not up to me to judge whether another is making the right choices in life. It’s not up to me to judge others, period! What works for me, may not work for others. What choices I make may or may not affect others, my job is to do the best I can for this twenty-four hours, and “work” to keep my side of the street clean. I have no control over others; what they say, what they do, how they behave – none of these are my business. It is not up to me to judge how they use the Program, or what their spiritual program looks like. My job is to be of whatever service I can be to others. To work the program of Alcoholics Anonymous to the best of my ability. To concentrate on the positive progress that has occurred in my life because of A.A. and the blessings of my Higher Power. ♥

Living Lessons

My future looks a lot brighter than it ever did before recovery.  I can trust myself to take care of me, I can trust myself to know that I no longer have to go to the extremes of the past, in an attempt at getting others to like me.  I am who I am – no more, no less.  The good news there is that I can accept the “me” of today.  My fear of the future no longer rules my world.  I am in God’s good hands – and when I accept that, feelings of safety and comfort give me the peace I need.  Who knew there was so much more to abstinence than merely stopping drinking.  This world I live in today, is a much better place than I have ever been in, before.  I have God in my life, I have a Program I can turn to, and I have faith in myself, that with God’s guidance I will improve, I will endure, and I will continue to grow and change!

Photo courtesy of Maggs!
Photo courtesy of Maggs!

Life Lessons

I never know when or where my “teachers” will appear, I am to be open to them, and open to the lessons that will be of benefit to me and through me to others. I have learned from the LOVE of my LIFE, and my grand daughter, they teach me patience, tolerance and love. I learn from my “sisters in recovery” by allowing me the privilege of being a fellow traveler on this “road to a happy destiny.” I look for the lessons in life – especially those lessons that appear when I am challenged in life; I look to the oldtimer in the Program, as well as the newcomer when it comes to life lessons. The oldtimer may be able to impart the ways and means they have found to serenity and happiness, but the newcomer can also teach me just how rotten it is “out there” and remind me of the treachery of alcoholism: IT is always “THERE” waiting. . .waiting for me to forget just who I am. I am and always will be “Bonnie, alcoholic.”

A Thankful Heart

I pray that each of you are blessed to be with those you love, that your Thanksgiving plates be full and joyous. I am grateful for much in my life – especially my “family” in the Program. If the day gets a little rough, just remember that there are meetings available during these holiday times. Another means to staying sober is our constant companion – our cell phones. Another alcoholic is only as far away as your speed dial, LOL. Remember that this too shall pass, Thanksgiving is still only one day, a mere twenty-four hours. That breaks it down to being a “piece of cake”, or should that be a piece of pie, pumpkin preferred? My contribution to the “family” dinner is my famous twice baked mashed potatoes! We each have our part in whatever dinner we partake in, and I am grateful to be accepted and loved by both my “families” and my friends. I am blessed to be part of this big internet family as well on This24, Doc, Tom S, Maggs, Clay, Tom R, Ant, 3D, Renee, Kt, Albert, Bill M, Soto, PoppaPete, Shah, Thor, TREE, Julie, Jack, Paul D(GRIN), Jaybird, SF, Angi, Kathy S, Nina, JT, Anon, and if it wasn’t for these 2, This24 would be long gone: ZUZU and OGGY!!!!(please excuse anyone I’ve missed) An attitude of gratitude begins with me, and for all my many blessings, I can only say . . . Thanks, God!

My Ever Changing Life

I have been enjoying the fall colors and the beautiful reds and oranges of the changing leaves. The colors have been much enjoyed by this sober alcoholic. The pattern of change and regrowth in nature is similar to the change and regrowth that I have experienced as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I had to get rid of the old, in order to experience the new. That is the process of change that happens when I work the Steps. I cast out the old behaviors that were indicative of my alcoholic nature, and work to practice the spiritual principles which bring me closer to the God of my understanding. Change is the name of the game in recovery. I never thought it would be possible for me to make the changes I needed to make, in order to become sober. It’s truly amazing to be blessed with the “tools” of recovery, and to discover the “true” me, buried beneath all the negative behaviors. I am actually someone who cares about others, I am someone who is willing to step up and be of service to others, I am capable of being a friend to others. I am still amazed at how my life looks today, as compared to how it was before. I am grateful to God, to the Program and to all who have touched my life in some way. Like the trees… I am just going through my own changing seasons. BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE. It’s a good day to have a good day, right Clay? Grateful for the Gift-oh YES, Tom….is it ODD, or is it God-by all means, Maggs!!!! AMEN AMEN!!!