(My phone deleted…-or I did, Maggie’s Reflection…so this will have to suffice until tomorrow!Hugs Maggie!!!)
The A.A. Traditions are called “Why it works.” And these traditions are used to guide us in our meetings and the function of our Program. We are reminded, time and again, of what our “primary purpose” is, and what it means to claim recovery from the disease of alcoholism. The Traditions touch on the ways and means of personal recovery, and further describe the function and purpose of the meetings, and the Program in it’s entirety. Whenever members are assembled in a meeting, it holds that there will be many”suggestions,” which are then guided and governed by the Twelve Traditions. Without the Traditions, chaos would rule, and the Program would not survive. Because there are so many “personalities” in the Program, it would follow that the Principles would end up being abandoned. Placing principles before personalities is based on the anonymity of it’s members, for it is the Principles and not the personalities which are important to the Fellowship. No one person is more important than the Program. We work towards a collective “good,” for the betterment of us all. For every alcoholic claiming recovery, there is another “story” of just how the Traditions helped to bring our collective focus back to carrying the “message to the alcoholic who still suffers.” Both the Steps and the Traditions combine to keep the hope of recovery alive. May the “thread” of recovery, connect us all, one to the other.