Grief, like recovery, is a process. It takes time to mourn the loss of a loved one. It takes time to adjust to the loss of another “taken” from us. I did not get to where I am today in a short period of time. It took one day, and then another, and another, and . . . Grief is like that – it takes time to adjust, time for remembering, time for acceptance, time for mourning, and time to come to terms with how that loss affects our lives. We are all bound to die, from the moment we are born. That’s life. When we lose someone dear to us, we are blessed to remember them, and to know that we were given the gift of sharing their life with them, however that time may define itself. They have touched our lives in some manner, they were there to teach us a lesson about life, about love and about the giving and taking in relationships. Loss is a lesson in life, a lesson that repeats itself, over and over again. I am grateful for my life, for all those I love, and for the care and love I receive from others and the God of my understanding.