The Program, and my Higher Power have given me the opportunity to gain some insight and knowledge about my own behavior, through the behavior of others. I have learned to look to myself when strong emotions surface. They are trying to tell me something, I need to keep an open mind, and a willingness to look at myself when I question the behavior of others. Accepting others, be they different from me, has given me the opportunity to see another side of myself. They say to look for the similarities, not the differences of those in the rooms. At first, I was quite sure that there were many differences, but when I listened closely I found that we all share many similarities when it comes to emotions, feelings, and behaviors. I could relate to anger, to feelings of not being accepted by others, to not fitting in. All of these and more related back to the disease of alcoholism – that is where our unity lies. We have the same disease – yes – but more importantly we also are unified in the solution. That solution is A.A. That solution is a Higher Power. That solution is the unity we share together. Thank you for letting me be of service!