The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous has many benefits to it, when it is “worked.” It’s all there, in the Steps. Between the Twelve Steps and establishing a relationship with the God of my understanding -that’s all that was needed to turn my life around. I am at peace with myself,today, and for the most part, the world around me. When I first walked through the doors of A.A., I never expected all that I found, I just thought I was going to stop drinking and beating myself up. I never anticipated all the blessings I would receive. The Program has opened up a whole roomful of friends and trudge buddies – who bring me happiness unlike anything I ever experienced before. I have a true sense of peace and contentment, and I feel useful and know that I have a purpose in life after all. I like the direction my life has taken in recovery, and know that I have received far more than I ever expected. I am blessed to be of service here, with all of you as well, on This24!!!