Step Eleven is about “spiritual awareness.” I became spiritually aware by means of meetings, talks with others in recovery, and by working to keep an open mind. I stopped saying “no” to myself whenever something new to me was presented, instead I worked to consider the possibility of whatever was “suggested.” Finding my own Higher Power was but a beginning, I soon discovered that there was so much more to the idea of “spirituality.” It was not about religion, it was about accepting the idea of a higher power, a power that brought many to the tables in the hope of recovery. I could “see” a power greater than my disease at work in the lives of others and myself – we were sober “by the grace of God.” I began to understand why our meetings begin and end in prayer, we invite our Higher Power into the meeting by this means. It is yet another step towards improving our conscious contact with God, as we understand Him. We each find our own way in the Program, and, for me, I believe it is a “killer combination” the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the God of my understanding.