It has taken me a while to come to terms with the quality my faith, I have found that it has become so much more than mere words, it takes action – action in the form of service. I needed to learn how to “walk my talk.” It also means that I cannot expect my sponsees to do the service work that I am unwilling to do. It means that I cannot espouse faith, if I am unwilling to perform in a faithful manner. I have faith in the Program, as I can see it at work in the lives of friends and “family.” I have faith in the God of my understanding because I can see God’s work in my growth and change. I back up my faith with deeds and actions that serve to be of benefit to all those around me. If I have faith in God, I know that I will be led to a path. I trust and have faith in a power greater than me – this was my first and most important pledge to my sobriety, the second is working the Steps to recovery.