Quality Not Quantity

It has taken me a while to come to terms with the quality my faith, I have found that it has become so much more than mere words, it takes action – action in the form of service. I needed to learn how to “walk my talk.” It also means that I cannot expect my sponsees to do the service work that I am unwilling to do. It means that I cannot espouse faith, if I am unwilling to perform in a faithful manner. I have faith in the Program, as I can see it at work in the lives of friends and “family.” I have faith in the God of my understanding because I can see God’s work in my growth and change. I back up my faith with deeds and actions that serve to be of benefit to all those around me. If I have faith in God, I know that I will be led to a path. I trust and have faith in a power greater than me – this was my first and most important pledge to my sobriety, the second is working the Steps to recovery.


5 thoughts on “Quality Not Quantity

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara ( Soul Friend.

    I wonder how many others continued to have the grandiose thoughts of a fledgling early Sojourner and quake in fear to the notion that they might be sent off as a missionary to some godforsaken foreign land.
    I must admit that this was one of my recurrent thoughts and probably was a hindrance to gaining any maturity in prayer.
    Sometime later but not much later I started becoming aware that I didn’t have to be sent off somewhere to engage in a purpose driven life for our divine assignment is much more likely to be of maximum use wherever we are.
    The kind of homemade plaque on the wall declares, “Bloom Where God Plants You”.

    Is everyone happier that has a purpose driven life?

    So is everyone tapped to be a missionary?

    Everyone is who seriously engages in the 12 step process!

    Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick.
    For many years I pondered over God’s will for me, believing that perhaps a great destiny had been ordained for my life. After all, having been born into a specific faith, hadn’t I been told early that I was “chosen”? It finally occurred to me, as I considered the above passage, that God’s will for me was simply that I practice Step Twelve on a daily basis. Furthermore, I realized I should do this to the best of my ability. I soon learned that the practice aids me in keeping my life in the context of the day at hand.
    From the book Daily Reflections

    I’m Harry, grateful 12th step-er. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. Yep
    The inward journey leads to outward service.
    As I discover this new way of life, uncover my impediments and recover through the Steps I naturally become an emissary of that which is good.
    As my ego, fearing its power threatened, reasserts itself in a variety of subtle ways my effectiveness diminishes and turmoil increases.
    So daily I must practice the disciplines to move into conscious contact with a power greater than myself; when I do I am at Peace and useful.
    What does this have to do with alcohol?
    For me, everything.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. I pray that I am led by my HP, God, that instills in me the faith and wisdom to do what’s right, even if it doesn’t please or benefit me. God of my ego, It is your will not mine. From a witty bumper sticker: ‘Sit, ego, sit.’

  4. Top of the afternoon family,
    Quality comes by living in the presence. As HarryS often shares My time is in his hands. He supplies the quantity.
    It’s still a good day to have a sweet afternoon/evening.

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