Living in the Program, a day at a time, breaks life down for me to a level that I can most often manage, with the help of God and A.A. Problems arise in life, they just do – while they no longer direct my life, they do offer me the opportunity to consider the various solutions that address my “issues.” Problems offer me a chance to grow and learn, to reach an understanding of what my part in the problem is, how to use the Steps to my advantage, and to rely on the God of my understanding. Putting problems in their proper perspective helps me to move on, and gives me a guide which enables me to resume my “right size” when my ego wants to take over. I have to ask myself “How important is it?” If there is no direct threat to my sobriety or my life – then that problem is not as severe as first thought. Turning a problem into a lesson offers me the opportunity to view life in a more positive way. Learning from my mistakes changes them from a problem to a solution – benefitting me, and others, as well.