I have been enjoying the fall colors and the beautiful reds and oranges of the changing leaves. The colors have been much enjoyed by this sober alcoholic. The pattern of change and regrowth in nature is similar to the change and regrowth that I have experienced as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I had to get rid of the old, in order to experience the new. That is the process of change that happens when I work the Steps. I cast out the old behaviors that were indicative of my alcoholic nature, and work to practice the spiritual principles which bring me closer to the God of my understanding. Change is the name of the game in recovery. I never thought it would be possible for me to make the changes I needed to make, in order to become sober. It’s truly amazing to be blessed with the “tools” of recovery, and to discover the “true” me, buried beneath all the negative behaviors. I am actually someone who cares about others, I am someone who is willing to step up and be of service to others, I am capable of being a friend to others. I am still amazed at how my life looks today, as compared to how it was before. I am grateful to God, to the Program and to all who have touched my life in some way. Like the trees… I am just going through my own changing seasons. BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE. It’s a good day to have a good day, right Clay? Grateful for the Gift-oh YES, Tom….is it ODD, or is it God-by all means, Maggs!!!! AMEN AMEN!!!