I pray that each of you are blessed to be with those you love, that your Thanksgiving plates be full and joyous. I am grateful for much in my life – especially my “family” in the Program. If the day gets a little rough, just remember that there are meetings available during these holiday times. Another means to staying sober is our constant companion – our cell phones. Another alcoholic is only as far away as your speed dial, LOL. Remember that this too shall pass, Thanksgiving is still only one day, a mere twenty-four hours. That breaks it down to being a “piece of cake”, or should that be a piece of pie, pumpkin preferred? My contribution to the “family” dinner is my famous twice baked mashed potatoes! We each have our part in whatever dinner we partake in, and I am grateful to be accepted and loved by both my “families” and my friends. I am blessed to be part of this big internet family as well on This24, Doc, Tom S, Maggs, Clay, Tom R, Ant, 3D, Renee, Kt, Albert, Bill M, Soto, PoppaPete, Shah, Thor, TREE, Julie, Jack, Paul D(GRIN), Jaybird, SF, Angi, Kathy S, Nina, JT, Anon, and if it wasn’t for these 2, This24 would be long gone: ZUZU and OGGY!!!!(please excuse anyone I’ve missed) An attitude of gratitude begins with me, and for all my many blessings, I can only say . . . Thanks, God!