This principle makes perfect sense to me. There is no effort accomplished by proselytizing (a big word for ‘sales pitch’). I cannot “sell” A.A., I can only give it away, and I do that by sharing my experience, strength and hope. I serve as an example of what the Program can do for me, as an alcoholic. If the principle of promotion is used when I am talking to a newcomer, arguments and a differing of opinions can occur. The very best I can do is relate what my experience has been in the Program, that is inarguable. Trying to debate the pros and cons of sobriety can become contentious, and really serves no purpose when considering recovery from alcoholism.

But through the Program, I can now lift my head, look others in the eye, know that I am doing the very best I can for right here, right now. When I see a newcomer, it serves as a reminder of the spiritual principle of attraction, not promotion. It’s not about me, it’s about the Program. I represent A.A. wherever I go, be it to a local meeting, or a conference in another state. I know today that my behavior in public also represents the Program. I proudly say, “My name’s Bonnie, and I’m an alcoholic.” Attraction is about being what I have always wanted my behavior to look like. I get that through the Program, and, for me, that was what attracted me to A.A. in the first place. There was a “promise” of becoming so much more than I ever thought possible, and the good news is that the positive behavior I was seeking is now becoming a reality for me. Thanks to ALL of you here at This24, for participating in my daily recovery!!