I Can, I Will, I Want

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is the path to change and growth. At this time in my life, my ambitions are smaller and closer to home. My “career”on the Choo Choo is over, my physical condition is waning, and I am more content to live my life one day at a time. I am learning to let go of the reins and let others be of service to me, when it is needed. God’s grace is always present in my life. I can look others in the eye, I can share my experience, strength and hope – willingly and easy. I can hold my head up and know that I am right where I am supposed to be. I am blessed with love, and am content to remain available. For this day I aim at taking care of me, my family, and my relationship with the God of my understanding.


12 thoughts on “I Can, I Will, I Want

  1. My soul rests with you, my Anamchara.

    Lots of folks may be like I was for so long and wonder what truly goes on in Alcoholics Anonymous?


    When the Twelfth Step is seen in its full implication, it is really talking about the kind of love that has no price tag on it.
    In order for me to start working the Twelfth Step, I had to work on sincerity and honesty, and to learn to act with humility. Carrying the message is a gift of myself, no matter how many years of sobriety I may have accumulated. My dreams can become reality. I solidify my sobriety by sharing what I have received freely. As I look back to that time when I began my recovery, there was already a seed of hope that I could help another drunk pull himself out of his alcoholic mire. My wish to help another drunk is the key to my spiritual health. But I never forget that God acts through me. I am only His instrument.
    Even if the other person is not ready, there is success, because my effort in his behalf has helped me to remain sober and to become stronger. To act, to never grow weary in my Twelfth Step work, is the key. If I am capable of laughing today, let me not forget those days when I cried. God reminds me that I can feel compassion!

    And believe me we are all growing spiritually as we participate in this great work.

    Just a word or two about my old Ford automobile which was spitting, sputtering and stuttering in quite an alarming way but seemingly all of a sudden started running real smoothly.
    I can’t explain it but I suppose it just had to “clear its throat”.

    This old Ford is kind of like that old horse my daddy told me about;
    “never was a horse that couldn’t be rode,
    never was a cowboy that couldn’t be throwed”.

    I’m going to ride that old horse a while longer.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, US of A

    Grapevine Quote

    December 9
    “If we can stop this frantic drive to prove that we are remarkable people, it is quite likely that we will settle down and really enjoy whatever life has to offer us.”
    New York, N.Y., August 1948
    “Those Depressions–Make Them Work for Good!”
    Best of Grapevine, Volume 1

  2. Wow what a beautiful picture. I can feel the love and joy. Thanks for the share it gives me hope. It always feels good when you know someone is going through or has gone through what I am going through. I have come to enjoy the fellowship which I fought for so long. Let’s all have a great day.💚
    Love, Tree

  3. What a beautiful day! Bonnie, Harry, Tree and all the others that will provide your shares. You have been of service to this alcoholic in recovery. After walking my Son’s Dog, mine now, I start my day reading This24 and other web sites that provide me a positive outlook in life. Some key words that I have heard from you today: God, love, change, growth, experience, strength and hope, sharing, sincerity, honesty, humility, spirituality, joy, and being free from alcohol.

  4. A nice warm feeling here this morning indeed.
    Very pleasant.
    Like a wee fire in the stillness.
    Love Harry’s grapevine quote- the source of my problems and the answer.
    Grateful for the Gift

  5. i find it difficult to hang onto that “happy-happy-joy-joy” feeling.
    some days i would just prefer that the world go away,
    and take its daily mundane problems with it.
    but that is isolating, and not good for me or any alkie
    thanks for you words of encouragement.

  6. Top of the morning family,
    Heel kicking pic, rewards of recovery!
    Others happiness’ always pierces my heart. Never do I tire on seeing a young child hold their Mothers/Fathers hand. This action item is teaching me that it’s a bond of trust, security, and love. Ahhh, a nugget, isn’t it I that removes my hand from His hand. In our world today life seems to be falling apart. However, we have something that is stable/secure; mercy of an omnipotent God.
    Sister Bonnie, your spiritual journey proves/shows what’s possible for me and others. Keep on keep on swirling, whirling, and twirling that hula hoop. Your suggestion of this, has given me several spiritual victories over the years. For that and this24, I say thank you all.
    Today is a good day to share a good day with others.

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