When I first got sober I was so excited about the Program that I wanted everyone I knew to have this “experience.” I had to learn to slow down, that recovery is not an overnight process. Change takes time, recovery happens slowly; over many days, weeks, months, and even years. While I might gain some knowledge of the program, it takes a longer time to incorporate the spiritual principles into my life, on a daily basis – not drinking is but a beginning. The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a life changing, life altering process that will continue for my life. I will not “graduate” from this “class.” But by the grace of God, I have found this path to recovery, and today know it for what it truly is – my pathway “home” to peace and serenity, a path that leads me to my Higher Power, a Power which enables me to claim sobriety. Sobriety is a gift, a gift from the God of my understanding, and I humbly give thanks for this gift of redemption and grace.