Accepting recovery as a way of life has freed me in many ways. I am responsible to me, to God, and to my sponsor. I am a citizen, I am a neighbor, I am a mentor, and I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am a child of God, I am a friend and companion to others, I am a grandma and a mother, I am a sister, an aunt . . . and I am just simply “ME.” I am comfortable in situations that used to make me tremble with fear. I have the freedom to be giving, loving and kind to all I encounter on any given day. I no longer demean myself and try to convince others that I am all wonderful and marvelous – I let my actions speak for themselves. I no longer harbor ill-will or negative feelings towards others; I am just part of this here and now – no more, no less. I work towards doing whatever God puts in front of me to do, every day. I work towards taking care of me to the best of my ability, so that I might then be there to be of service to others. ♥